Latest Obits

Jimmy Graham, DFM, Lancaster tail gunner

Harry Golding, WW2 Aircraft engineer

Jeff Jones, Teacher and pirate Radio DJ

Donald McIntosh, Bomber Command pilot

Stuart Henderson MBE, senior investigating officer, Lockerbie bombing

Elizabeth Fairgrieve, Occupational therapist

Pierre Cachia, Professor of Arabic

Alex Frickleton, Commando and remedial gymnast

Iain McLeod, Policeman, pipe major and businessman

John McGhee, D-Day veteran and butcher

Ian Hunter, Artist and academic

Betty Lowe, Landgirl

Atsuko Betchaku Teacher, tutor and pacifist

Marjorie Noble, Bombe operator and councillor

Duncan Cormack, D Day veteran and policeman

David Boyd, Banker and sailor

Jimmy Horne, Farmer, soldier and piper

Alistair Birrell, Racing driver and entrepreneur

Karen Lewis-Archer, Paralympian and businesswoman

Len Trevallion, Policeman and Blenheim pilot

Jock Moffat, Pilot and hotelier

Boleslaw Kozub, Soldier and butcher

Linda Harrison, singer

Archie Armour, Teacher and Arnhem veteran

Heinz Voigt, Soldier, POW and financial director

Des Wassall, Royal Marine and Falklands veteran

Helen Oswald, Provost , councillor and community activist

Dr Adam Neville, University principal and structural engineer

Ricky Callan, Actor, comedian and housing officer

George Dunbar, Aircraft engineer and war veteran

Jenny Watson, Councillor and children’s safeguarder

Bill Landles, Artist, teacher and grocer

Selby Maduff-Duncan, Soldier

Margaret Harper, Secretary

Sam Martinez, Forester and paper mill worker

Patricia Douglas, Champion of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Major Alexander Munro, Soldier and castle administrator

Graham Cairns-Smith, Artist, scientist and author

Paul Miller, Soldier, farmer and community activist

George Fraser MBE, Soldier and licensed grocer

Anne Balfour-Fraser, Film producer and singer

Joe Powell, Commando veteran and stuntman

Jock Smith WS, Solicitor 

Nigel Drever, Spitfire pilot and Great Escape POW

Alexander Campbell, Policeman and soldier

Major Ben Strachan, Soldier and diplomat

Colin and Alice Anson, World War II veterans

Sir Malcolm Macnaughton, Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Tom Renouf, Physicist and Black Watch veteran

James Mackay MBE, Teacher and Bailie of Bennachie

Mike Park CBE, Lawyer and honorary sheriff

Mona Mackenzie, Pioneering WPC and Special Constable

Peggy Walker, Wardrobe mistress and ATS sergeant

Valerie Irvine-Fortescue, Librarian and poet

Hugh Neilson, Civil servant and Korean War Veteran

Iain Fraser, Lawyer and charity founder

David Whitaker, Accountant and former chairman of Perth Racecourse

Charlie Forbes, Lorry driver and soldier

David Carey Miller, Emeritus Professor of Law

Kevin Finn, New Seeker and theme park designer

Bill Black, Shepherd, bandleader and businessman

Sandy Jessop, Lawyer, prosecutor and sheriff

Rev Isobel Kelly, Minister and teacher 

Lt Col Charles Craigie-Halkett-Inglis MBE, Soldier and estate factor

Rev Sandy Glass, Rector and auxiliary minister

Douglas Laird, Architect and organ designer

Robin Christie, Farmer

Kenneth Reith MBE, Lt Cdr and Arctic Convoy veteran

Harry Darnton DFC, Bomber Command veteran and businessman

Sandy Smith DFC, Bomber Command veteran and accountant

Sandy Hutchison, Poet and teacher 

Eoin Bennet, Music teacher, conductor and organist

Loretto Lambe, Pharmacist and charity founder

John Cunningham, Atlantic Convoy veteran and bank manager

Alexander Ramsay, Arctic Convoy veteran and bus driver

Dorothy Smith, Bletchley Park veteran

Dr Alan Mackinnon, GP and peace campaigner

Ian McMurtrie, Firefighter and museum curator

Jane Errington MBE, Occupational therapist

Olivia Contini, Auxiliary nurse and B&B proprietor

Ian Hewitt DFC and Bar, Bomber Command veteran and accountant

Annie Smart, ATS veteran

Archy Macpherson, Solicitor, lecturer and Gaelic enthusiast

Ian Gould DFC, Bomber Command veteran, teacher, publisher and author

Ken Toop, Royal Oak survivor and linesman

John Jarvis-Smith, Sailor, shipbroker and oil trader

Jack Potter, Physician

Phyllis Herriot MBE, Councillor and community campaigner

Margaret Fleming, Surgeon and GP

Denis Eadie MC, Soldier and businessman

Roy Perkins, Railway preservationist and writer

Malcolm Allan, Butcher, businessman and airman

Ingles Buchan, Weaver, businessman and Spitfire pilot

Captain Sean Ennis, Seaman

Archie Bevan, Teacher and festival co-founder

Jean, Lady Gilmour, Businesswoman 

Philip Maxwell, Renewables champion and soldier

David Capitanchik, Terrorism expert

Col David Lloyd-Jones, Soldier

Col Ralph Stewart-Wilson of Balnakeilly, Soldier 

Dave Prentice, Mountaineer, orienteer and systems analyst

Thomas Lawson, Arctic Convoy veteran and demolition worker

Walter “Jesse” James Hibbert DFC, Airman and businessman

John Denholm, Policeman

Henry McCreath MBE, Businessman and soldier

Donald King, Teacher and Assynt crofter

Brian Lambie, Ironmonger and museum founder

Terry Brewis, Lord Lieutenant

William Paterson, Engineer

Allan Garraway, Railway preservationist

Anne Cocker, Rose breeder and businesswoman

Tom Carling MBE, Telephone engineer and soldier

Harry Worsley, Wallpaper executive and charity volunteer

Fred Ainsley DFC, Bomber Command pilot and businessman

Charlie Cameron, Lovat Scout and forester

Hugh C Rae, Author

Donald Grant, Accountant and soldier

James Ballantyne, Teacher, organist and cryptographer

James Masson, Soldier and forestry expert

Archie McFarlane, Clyde Fishermen’s Association secretary

James Petrie, Teacher, artist and illustrator

David St John Thomas, Journalist and publisher

Linde McGregor, Horsewoman and charity supporter

James Gordon, Solicitor and soldier

Dr Joyce Baird, Senior lecturer and consultant physician

Prof Laurence Mee, Oceanographer

George Murdoch, Data processing manager and Convoys veteran

Margaret Beedie, Teacher and Bletchley Park veteran

Dr Joe Cross OBE, Offshore safety pioneer and naval airman

Magdalena Midgley, Archaeologist

Capt North Dalrymple Hamilton, Naval commander and farmer

Piers Mackesy, History tutor, military historian and author

Allan Waterston MC TD, Soldier and master printer

Dr Rhea Martin OBE, Prof of Law and Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s daughter

Jane Gray, Supercentenarian and the oldest Scot

Dr Joan Macintosh CBE, Diplomat and author

Marguerite Ogilvie, Horticulturalist

Georgina Scott Sutherland, Philanthropist

Dr Hilda Spear, Lecturer

Dr Maitland Mackie, Farmer, businessman and university rector

Hazel Heaton-Armstrong, WREN, photographer and entrepreneur

Alec Sutherland, Librarian and Bomber Command veteran

Tom MacIver, Teacher and Scotland’s oldest man

Daniel Stephen, Artist

Dr Mary Macdonald, Pathologist

Kerr Elliot, Soldier and farmer

Ruth Sinclair, Children’s charity volunteer

Duncan McMillan, Soldier, upholsterer and funeral director

George Sim, Soldier and drummer

Phil Green, Pilot and radio technician

Halldis Mackie, General practitioner and arborist

Arthur Montagu-Smith, Pilot, deputy lieutenant and councillor

Rene Grant, Sanitary inspector, poultry keeper and care assistant

Captain Jack McDonald, Soldier and businessman

Zygmunt Potrykus, Soldier and weaver

Sandy Bartlett, Commando and butcher

William Collins, Actor and gardener

Rev Clifford Hughes, Singer, teacher and minister

Eric Auld, Artist and teacher

Donald John MacPherson, Lovat Scout

Neil Cook, Countryside ranger, artist and photographer

Michael Czeredrecki, Paratrooper and tailor

Dugald Low-Mitchell, Farmer and horsebreeder

Karen McMurrich, Marketing and fundraising director 

Bill Stevenson, Orthodontist and fighter pilot

Captain John Gibson, vet

Dan Young, Professor of surgical paediatrics

Billy Barclay, Farmer and councillor

Alan Armstrong, Master joiner and Historic Scotland area superintendent

Frank Stone, Great Escape veteran

Vic Gilchrist, Railwayman

Dr Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche, Lama

Norman John Gillies, One of the last St Kildans

Linda Jones, Teacher and voluntary worker

Stanley Rothney, Chindit and policeman

George Fulton, Chindit and painter and decorator

Janice Fawkes, Anti-racism and housing campaigner

Charles Craig, Distiller

Dante Toti, Businessman

Matthew Kaufman, Professor of Anatomy and stem cell pioneer,

Dr David Wilkie, Physicist

John Nelson, Artist and lecturer

W Norman Taylor, Psychiatrist

Norman Wright, Train driver and union official

Jack Romanes, Journalist and publisher

Major Peter Balfour CBE, Soldier and businessman

Colin MacLean, Journalist and publisher

Andrew McMenigall, Senior investment manager and triathlete

Alfred Smith, Prison governor and inspector

Sqn Ldr John Dunlop, RAF education officer and teacher,

Dr Cyril Cohen, Geriatrician

Dr Oliver Smith, Lecturer

Alison Twaddle, Former general secretary, Church of Scotland Guild

Brig Iain Taylor, Businessman and army cadet commandant

Alan Kennedy, Lawyer

James Muir, Aquaculture expert

Rev Alestair Bennett, Minister and merchant seaman

James Rogers, Psychiatrist and Navy medic

Angus Carmichael, Vet and Olympic footballer

Katharine Stewart, Author, crofter, teacher and postmistress

Jim Ferguson, Naval clerk, shopkeeper and aviation writer

Dr Quita Barber, Anaesthetist and Olympic runner

Rev Canon Philip Crosfield, Soldier and priest

Archie Hendry, Teacher and mountaineer

Jimmy Furneaux, Artist and teacher

Captain Archie Macdonald, Tugmaster

Sir Alan Smith, Fighter pilot and businessman

Dick MacRae, Weaver

Gilbert Watt, Sculptor

Mike Meston, Professor of Law

Gordon Baxter, Entrepreneur

Frank Bealey, Arctic convoy veteran and politics professor

Mike Banks, Mountaineer

Bill Knight, Firefighter and pensioners’ rights campaigner

Anne Green, Nun

Davie Kerr, Builder, councillor and writer

Dougal Greig, Headmaster

Susan Manning, Professor of English literature

Anthony Rochmankowski, Architect

Katie Stewart, Cookery writer

James Burns, Historian

Peter Jukes, Chef proprietor

Barbara Burnett-Stuart, Journalist and publisher

Philip Dawson, Bomber Command pilot and lawyer

Desmond Hodges, Architect

Bill Kellas, Soldier, military policeman and river inspector

Myra Pearson, Educationalist

Sharon McCord, Journalist

Iain Jamieson, Footballer and businessman

Ann Smith, Dietician, caterer and fundraiser

Lady Christian Bowman, Aircraft factory worker and author,

Alan Cochrane, Actor, playwright and civil servant

Arthur Rae, Airman and sub-editor

Thora Bain, Dairy maid

Alastair Thomson, Businessman

Jeni Ayris, chef and customer relations manager

Bill Gordon, Professor of Law

Alexander McLellan, Educationist

Jeffrey Parker-Eaton, Farmer, racing driver and fisherman

Janet Henderson, Doctor

Fernando Righetti, Businessman

Kenneth Stewart, Last Laird of Coll

Cyril Gerber, Businessman and art collector

John Reid, Engineer and college principal

Marcus Stone, Lawyer

Douglas Haldane, Psychiatrist

Derrick Marks, Lawyer and ombudsman

Shirley Harrison, Farmer

Yvonne Morison, Community volunteer

Margaret Barron, Farmer

Ron Scott, Squadron Leader

Ian Morrison, Lecturer, soldier and sportsman

Boyd Brodie, Banker

Doris Davidson, Author and teacher

Tom Duncan, Corrosion consultant and commando

Elizabeth Angus, Councillor and community volunteer

Thomas Aitchison, Lawyer and soldier

Jim Grassie, Journalist

Davey Main, Aircraft engineer and mountaineer

John Younie, Shoemaker and airman

John Scott, Political economist

Mary Beith, Journalist and author

George Ritchie, Hydrographer

David Berry, Mariner

Donald Macdonald, Doctor

Stephen Maxwell, Scottish Nationalist, lecturer and voluntary worker

Fred Bull, Artist and teacher

Dorothy Dawson, Teacher, horse breeder and equestrian writer

Robert Saunders, Intelligence officer and civil servant

Earl of Leven and Melville, Landowner and soldier

Donald Hawksworth, Musician and teacher

Prof John Maxwell Irvine, Physicist

Janet Roberts, Scotland’s oldest woman and whisky dynasty matriarch

Andrew Currie, Naturalist

Isobel Gordon, Artist and teacher

Prof James Duguid, Bacteriologist

The Hon Peregrine Fairfax, Soldier and farmer

Gordon Urquhart, Historian and musician

Chris Greig, Biochemist

Eric Bruce, Lighthouse keeper

Lindsay Davidson, Professor of medicine

Gladys Brown, Berwick’s oldest woman

Betty Jessiman, Highland dance champion

Ronnie Tait, Musician

Gina Sarti, Businesswoman

Bill Anderson, Journalist

Rev Pauline Thomson, Minister

Marette Grewar, Teacher

Arthur Watson, Bomber Command mechanic, businessman and councillor

Scott Poole, Hotelier and lecturer

Hon Diana Macnab, Deputy lieutenant

Jimmy Storie, Last of the SAS Originals

Lexie Lesenger, NAAFI club manager

Jimmy Mowatt, Death Railway survivor and barber

Prof Hugh Sutherland, Civil engineer

Brendan McKeown OBE, petroleum engineer

David Coutts, Soldier and insurance company manager

Jeannie Pattison, Supercentenarian