Another life well-lived

by admin on January 26, 2017

A lesson in a life well-lived, from one indomitable lady.


Sheila Ferres

The UK’s longest-serving physiotherapist who didn’t allow polio to deter her and whose patients included Princess Margaret

The Times January 26, 2017

Sheila Ferres when she arrived in ScotlandIMAGE COURTESY OF JOANNE BOOTH

Very little, if anything, could faze Sheila Ferres: treating royalty; being set upon by a mob in a South African no-go zone; meeting a pneumonia-stricken horse in a client’s bedroom.

There was also the occasion when, after her husband had been horribly injured in an accident, she had to explain to his surgeon the cause of his extensive existing scarring: “I think this may have been the first time anybody had attended Aberdeen hospital having been mauled by a tiger.”

Perhaps the only thing that unnerved her, at least initially, was the prospect of enduring a life of disability as a result of contracting polio from a patient. She diagnosed herself, knowing what was happening when she felt the first sign of weakness, and prepared…

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